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Total Amount: Kr499

Reiki 3

Creator: Tom Stern
Initiation Length: 456
Treatment Length: 547

Reiki 3 When can I receive Reiki 3? You can receive the third degree of Reiki when you work over a longer period with Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 It is expected that you are thoroughly familiar with the symbols associated the first two initiations and that you have worked with them. It is also important that there is panerai replica watches gone some time before the final consecration, so your energy system, including your nervous system, has become accustomed to the energy of Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 Reiki 2 can put an emotional cleansing in time which can take several months.   Reiki 3 Is 2 inaugurations and a fourth symbol. The symbol • is used to harmonize chakrene in the body. The inauguration also provides a huge impact of the student\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s connection with the Higher Self and the student spiritual purposes. It moves the student from having a job to feel a call (from amateur to professional) and open for further spiritual dimensions.

  • Reiki 2

    Creator: Tom Stern
    Initiation Length: 523
    Treatment Length: 813

    Reiki 2 When I am ready to receive Reiki 2? You must have worked extensively with Reiki 1 before you are ready to receive the next initiation. During Reiki 2 Reviewing two inaugurations and receives two new Sanskrit symbols. During the two initiations are a higher form of Reiki energy enabled. And every time you use two new symbols may be, this enabled. Once you have received Reiki 2 you can give distant healing and work with deeper emotional and emotional problems or blockages. This includes both stress-related blockages in the past, present and future. Also, you can now work with Reiki 2 in connection with addictions . It may be quitting smoking , alcohol abuse, weaning of excessive consumption of sugar , coffee and the like. If you are working with drug users , you must have experience in this area or co-operation with such . a therapist or psychologist.   Reiki 2 If two inaugurations given over a day . It provides a tremendous increase in energy , and student receives two symbols. The second symbol is important when working with emotional / emotional imbalances . It also helps to release the stress . • The third symbol is intended for distant healing . And can be used when working with past lives.