Frequently asked questions

  • Is it possible to receive energy for initiations over the net.

    Yes, you will receive energy with the same force as if you were present in the room. This is done with a special symbol that\'s used for distant healing.

  • How long do I file with the inauguration.

    You have the file with the dedication you purchased available for 12 hours so it will be automatically disabled.

  • How long should that go from an initiation to the next.

    It will be the very best if going 1 month or more between each initiation. However, the Reiki 1 2x2 inaugurations and the two inaugurations You could take one after the other. But otherwise, between Reiki 1 and 2 and 2 and 3, you must have read your papers and much like rehearsing the other so you\'ve got a good relationship with the symbols, etc., which are each Reiki initiation.

  • Do I get a certificate.

    Yes, you get an international Reiki certificate where your name and date are and what degree you have received. You get it automatically to the email address you provide when you log on app. You will also receive a file with text to the dedication you have selected.

  • Can I get initiations on my smartphone or my computer.

    You decide whether you want your initiations over the phone or on your computer or iPad. There is no difference between the content and the power of energy.

  • Why can not I get my Reiki Master initiation here.

    You can not receive your Reiki Master initiation over the net. It will be you need to contact me so we can meet and you can get the consecration \"face to face\".

  • Can I always use my Reiki initiation.

    Yes, once you have received your inauguration, you have it forever. But the more you use the energy, the more capacity you will get and the stronger your energy will be.

  • Why is it so cheap to receive initiations here.

    It is done on the cheap so that everyone can receive an initiation. ReikiOnline do not need space so therefore we can also make it very cheap for you.

  • Can I be sure that the inauguration is good enough.

    Yes, you can be completely comfortable with these initiations. They will be handed over with a sensitivity and love. ReikiOnline also hope that you will receive them in the same way.

  • Why do we use your information.

    The information you provide when you log into the site, will be used only to send you the texts that belong to each initiation and your certificate. You will be asked if you want abonerer. That means if you want to receive our newsletter where we will come up with news and information about Reiki Healing.

  • Can I get individual instruction.

    Yes, it\'s easy for you. So I would ask you to contact me by mail HYPERLINK \"mailto:\"

  • Can I get sick of initiations.

    It is all powerful attunements that open up the energy can flow freely inside the body. You will almost always be able to feel the initiations. But you will not be ill to receive them. After each initiation recommend ReikiOnline you relax and get some rest and possible. taking bath after the inauguration. You must be psychologically stable and not affected by depressants when you get your initiation. Neither alcohol.

  • Is there anything I should be aware of before I get initiations.

    Yes, you must always be in balance and not be affected by any kind of alcohol or drugs of any kind. These things can affect the extremely negative way at the inauguration.

  • Responsibility.

    ReikiOnline or anyone affiliated ReikiOnline takes no responsibility for these initiations or the impact of these. If you are mentally unstable, we strongly advise you to take these initiations. If you are in any way unsure about these initiations will be good for you replica watches, you should always consult a doctor to get your doctor's approval.